Crockpot Pineapple Pork Roast

Pineapple Pork Roast

3 pound Pork Roast
1 15 oz can of crushed pineapple with juice

¼ C packed brown sugar
¼ C soy sauce - (I used light to reduce the sodium)
2 – 3 cloves of minced garlic
¼ - ½ tsp salt
¼ - ½ tsp of coarsely ground black pepper
1 tsp of dried rosemary (optional)
2 Tablespoons Cornstarch dissolved in ¼ C of cold water (to thicken sauce after cooking)


Prepare the sauce by mixing all the ingredients except the pork roast and cornstarch in a bowl. 
Place the roast in the crock pot and pour the sauce on top. Cook on high 5-6 hours or low for 7-8.
Remove the roast from the crock pot when done, set aside and keep warm. 

Prepare the cornstarch and whisk into the sauce in the crock pot to thicken.
Add the roast back into the crock pot and let cook an additional 15 minutes more.

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